Make Nashville your Next Long Weekend Trip

Mckenzi Harris

A few years back I did a blog post on how to visit Nashville like a local. I wrote this while in my early years of high school. I am now a sophomore in college and living in Nashville, and let me tell you, I am much more knowledgeable on the ins and outs of Nashville.

   Today I plan to share the ins and outs to a long weekend in Nashville Tennessee, from shopping to attractions, I have got you covered, this like most my other post have been will be a continuation for a few posts, so let’s get started with the more well-known attractions and work our way to the less well-known spots.

  1. The Frist Museum is an art museum located on Broadway. It’s a good change from the popping music scene and visiting will add to the variety of culture you want to experience while on your trip to Music City.

2. Just walking Broadway can be a great way to experience the country music scene without spending much extra money. The street is packed with restaurants, bars, souvenir shops and much more. Every establishment you walk into on this street will have either live or recorded country music playing for you to enjoy.

3. Rocket Fizz Soda Shop is one of my favorite places to stop while walking downtown. The store sells bottled soda and a variety of candies along with a wide collection of saltwater taffy. A hidden gem of the store is the collection of thrifted records you can shop on the second floor. The store is perfectly set up for your vintage Nashville Instagram photos.

4. Next is the coffee shop scene that you definitely shouldn’t miss while in Nashville. With the packed busy weekend, you are going to have in Nashville coffee will be just the thing to keep you going. East Nashville is filled with the hippest of coffee shops that are insanely aesthetically pleasing. Some of my favorites are Red Bicycle, Barista Parlor, CREMA, and Café Coco. Café Coco isn’t as touristy, but it is open 24 hours so when you’ve run out of energy at any hour of the day or night they can refuel your coffee and food needs.

5. Finally, the most tourist of the Nashville things, The Grand Ole Opry. You shouldn’t miss the Opry, even though it may be on the more expensive end, it is a necessity to fulfill your Nashville dreams. Locals take this wonderful place for granted as they try to avoid the tourist, but is it the foundation of the country music scene and Music City in general.

I hope my weekend suggestions have helped you out and you’ve learned a few new things about the place I call home and one of the top growing US tourist locations. Comment down below some of your favorite Nashville locations and other Nashville topics you would like to read about!

Have Lovely Travels (and thanks for reading),

Kenzi Marie


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  • Megan Kuper
    March 7, 2019 at 1:26 pm

    This is awesome because I am not from Nashville and I always feel like I haven’t explored the ins and outs as much as I wish to. Thank you for sharing and I will be sure to try all of these one weekend!!

    • Mckenzi Harris
      March 7, 2019 at 1:34 pm

      Yes for sure do! There is so much to explore in Nashville.
      I plan to do several of these post really soon, so check back for more!