My Fall Playlist

Mckenzi Harris

As it has started to cool down here in Tennessee I can finally say Its FALL! That means that its time for pumpkin spice, big sweaters, boots, and tall socks. This whole fall thing also means that the summer music has to go away and the fall music has to come out. Today I’m going to share with my top 15 songs to get in the fall mood!

What would a playlist be without a pun name?!

Jams I’m FALLin For

#1- “Unsteady” by X Ambassadors

  • This song just undeniably has a fall vibe to it.

#2- “River” by Bishop Briggs

  • A friend of mine introduced me to Bishop Briggs a few weeks ago so since then I’ve worn out her music. so this one had to make it on the playlist.

#3- “Freedom (Alt Version)” by Allen Stone

  • Allen Stone has been one of my favorite artist for a while. He has a chilled vibe in most songs and this on just captures that chill vibe you get when the air cools down and fall begins.

#4- “Everything She Wants” by Saint Raymond

  • No comment on this one, I just really like Saint Raymond’s music. Enough said.

#5- “Tissue Shoulder” by The Maccabees

  • Killer song! Its old but still a favorite.

#6- “Way Down, We Go” by Kaleo

#7- “As Time Goes” by JR JR

  • Thanks to live on the green for exposing me to JR JR. They are awesome.

#8- “Tomorrow” by Shakey Graves

  • This is Shakey Graves new song. Its just super good!

#9- “Wild Horses” by Bishop Briggs

  • Once again, I’ve worn out some Bishop Briggs lately.

#10- “The River” by Saint Raymond

  • Read number four.

#11- “Toothpaste Kisses” by The Maccabees

  • Also old but still a favorite

#12- “Loose” by Allen Stone

  • Allen Stone is still my favorite. I’m actually trying to get tickets to his concert right now.

#13- “Tear in my Heart” by Twenty One Pilots

  • Had to throw in some more mainstream music on here with my favorite Twenty One Pilots song.

#14-“Sleep” by Allen Stone

#15- “Here Comes the Anxiety” The Wombats

  • This song is kind of still a summer song to me because its been my favorite song for quite some time but I just had to include it.

Hope you liked this! Comment if you’d like to see other playlist post or anything else you’d like to see.

Also leave your Favorite Fall song in the comments!


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