Utah Camping Travel Diary

Mckenzi Harris


In late July, I traveled to Arizona for a week with some of my bestfriends. Towards the end of week, we decided that we all wanted to see Lake Powell, so we looked up the distance from flagstaff and it only ended up being about a 3 hour drive. When we realized we were that close it was a go, so we packed up the blankets and tents and headed to Utah! We got to the lake around 11 that evening and built a campfire so we would have enough light to set up the tents. We only ended up with one functional tent in the end, so my bestfriend and I slept in it and we made the guys sleep on a blanket in the sand. That’s one of the most fascinating parts of Lake Powell, even though its a lake, it has beautiful white sand leading to the water. The guys actually ended up having it pretty good though, the stars were absolutely stunning that night! We all ended up laying on a blanket looking up at the stars, naming them, and counting them until probably 2 in the morning. We then slept till the sun came up and took some photos and went for a swim. After swim for a little over an hour, we left the campsite and went to a McDonalds to freshen up, then headed back toward Arizona. As we drove home, we made a quick stop to Horsehoe Bend and took some more photos. The hike up to Horseshoe Bend is fairly easy, but you have to be cautious of the heat. It was probably right at 100 degrees around the time we went and boy oh boy it was a struggle. We also didn’t bring enough water up with us so that was a big mistake. Overall, it was a really awesome quick road trip! Scroll through to see the rest of the photos from Lake Powell.

More photos from Utah -My Portfolio


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