What Is Form Identifier on Spanish Health Form


Travelers coming to Spain from abroad must complete the Formio de Control Sanitario (FCS) or “Health Check Form”. This is an online form that asks the person to provide information about themselves, their travel plans and their health. All the details requested in the form are intended to ensure the health safety of travelers as well as Spanish citizens. It is given in anticipation of risk if you are identified as symptomatic or in close contact with a positive case of COVID to prevent the spread of health risks. Your e-mail address is your contact person during your stay in Spain. If you don`t have a valid email ID, you can add the email address of the family member or a group member traveling together. Yes, all passengers intending to enter Spain must have a travel health certificate, including children. In accordance with Royal Legislative Decree 8/2021 of 4 May, all passengers entering Spain from a seaport or airport outside Spain must complete the health control form. Travelers who need a visa also need an approved visa.

For many travelers, according to natvisa.com, a Schengen visa is sufficient. International passengers who only need to travel to one airport in Spain before leaving for other countries must also fill out the form in accordance with the law, QR for transit is known as TRANSIT CONTROL QR. Royal Legislative Decree 23/2020 of 23 June and decision of the Directorate General of Public Health of 11 June. November 2020 stipulated that all travelers entering the country on flights from outside Spain must have completed the travel health form to enter Spain. The information is needed as part of a health measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Finally, passengers must answer a few questions about their health. In particular, they must indicate if they have symptoms related to COVID-19. The Formulario de Control Sanitario or FCS is an online health form for Spain. It must be completed before traveling to the country during the coronavirus pandemic. Find out who needs the health certificate, how to fill out the FCS form online and more information about the requirements for entry into Spanish due to COVID-19 in the guide below. Once you have completed the form (no more than 48 hours before your arrival in Spain), you will receive a QR code that you will need to present both when boarding and when you arrive in Spain (on paper or via your mobile phone).

The QR code required to enter the country can be obtained by filling out an online Spanish Travel Health registration form. This must be done before departure. Yes, once the email with the QR code is received, the passenger can present it in 2 possible formats: the Spanish government has followed the other Western countries and has made it mandatory for all those who intend and plan to travel to Spain in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic to fill out the health check form. Travelers are required to complete the form within 48 hours of the scheduled trip. This is the same form commonly referred to as the passenger locator form in other Western countries. Spain is not the only country where passengers are required to complete a health declaration form before departure. No, each traveler must have their own FCS health form to visit Spain, including children. Once the traveler has completed their FCS form, they will receive an email with a PDF file. It will be sent to the e-mail address indicated in the form. This file contains the QR code. The Spanish health form itself is quick and easy to fill out. It should take about 5 minutes.

The QR code can also be obtained for a family or group, but for this representative, he must fill in the data of all family members by selecting the right options on the health check form. In the NEW FORM option, you can access the FAMILY/GROUP tab, followed by the FCS Form button to add details about family members or a group. It is recommended to fill in all the information correctly to avoid inconvenience at the airport upon arrival in Spain. To facilitate passengers, it is recommended to provide an email address of all members so that each member receives a personal QR code. Filling out the forms only takes a few minutes and usually needs to be completed in the days leading up to the flight. The email address is also required to obtain a code needed to submit the health form as well as the PDF with the QR code itself. All passengers on flights to Spain must receive a QR code generated by completing the fcs online form. Countries in Europe have adopted travel health certificates during the coronavirus pandemic. Passengers can obtain the travel health certificate for the following countries online: The quick response code will be received if you fill in the passenger locator form correctly. This QR code must be provided to the airport authorities of the airport of entry into Spain.

Most likely, you will be asked to view and scan the output QR code via some devices on the terminal. It can be provided in printed form or you can simply deploy it to an electronic device (mobile phone or tablet) using the SpTH app. Children under the age of 12 simply complete the FCS to receive the individual QR code. In the same way, the legal representatives of legally disabled travellers can complete the form on their behalf. Minors are not obliged to fill out their own form. A parent or guardian can complete it on their behalf. However, it is mandatory for children to have their own FCS when entering Spain. – If the passengers are all in the same family, they can fill out a form for each of them, but they must provide information for each passenger (maximum 15 people) because everyone will receive a QR code. Parents and guardians can complete the FCS form on behalf of minors and relatives. You must declare at the end of the form that this is the case. – If you have the EU Digital COVID Certificate (issued by a Member State of the European Union), by filling out the form, you can upload it to the SpTH app and receive a FAST CONTROL QR code that will speed up the formalities upon your arrival in Spain.

You can also get the code if you come from a country/region that is considered low risk. – If a passenger is a minor or dependent/disabled person, the form can be completed by a parent or guardian who is responsible for the information provided. The QR code is one of the conditions for entry into Spain during the COVID pandemic. It acts as a digital travel health certificate. These measures are in addition to the usual spanish visa requirements. Once this Spanish health form is completed, the FCS generates a QR code. This must be shown to a border control officer as part of Spain`s COVID travel restrictions. International passengers must provide the following basic personal information: Some parts of the information provided in the form may be amended, but within the specified time limits.

Upon changes, a new QR code will be sent to the specified email address. If you want to make a change, provide a passport or personnel number to log in, and a code will be sent to the email id to continue the changes. Travelers will then need to provide details about their itineraries, including the following: WHO ALL NEED A PASSENGER TRACKING FORM (HEALTH CHECK)? All data provided will be stored securely by the Spanish Ministry of Health and will only be used to locate and contact travelers in the event that they have been in close contact with a person with COVID-19 or another infectious disease. Contact and flight details are required so that other passengers can be contacted and alerted if a passenger is identified as coronavirus. You can then take appropriate action (for example. B get you tested and isolate yourself). It is also necessary to provide the contact details, including the following: Visa for Spain » The FCS Travel Health Certificate for Spain However, those who change flights at a Spanish airport are exempt as long as they meet the following conditions: To obtain the QR code on paper, the traveler simply needs to print the received PDF….


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